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Future of the forest joined Jorge Paiva and the community from Idanha-a-Nova

The prestigious biologist and professor Jorge Paiva, from the University of Coimbra, was in Idanha-a-Nova (25 – 25 November) to talk about the Portuguese forest, its history, biodiversity and potentialities.
In two actions, first at José Silvestre Ribeiro School and then at the Centro Cultural Raiano, the biologist warned of the importance of environmental education and protection of ecosystems. In the two days, participants also planted native species.
In the first of these actions, the Municipality of Idanha-a-Nova was represented by the president and vice-president of the municipality, Armindo Jacinto and Idalina Costa, respectively, who reaffirmed the municipality's commitment to the environmental sustainability.
The activity was included in the program of the festival Out of Place and, simultaneously, integrated the celebrations of the Month of the Native Forest, in Idanha-a-Nova.


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