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70 years of music in San Miguel d'Acha on display

The history of music at S. Miguel d'Acha is the theme of  the exhibition "I Shall Sing Out Loud" that approaches how, in the last 70 years, music was collected, sung and reinterpreted.

The exhibition was inaugurated on the 2th of October and can be visited until 31st of December in the House of Culture at S. Miguel d'Acha, Idanha-a-Nova.

Curated by Mariana Salgueiro, the exhibition was organized by the Confraternity of S. Miguel d'Acha, in collaboration with the Municipality of Idanha-a-Nova, S. Miguel D’Acha Parish Council and the ADEPAC, Folk Music Group.

The exhibition  recall us to the history of music that "(...) accompanied marriages, the washing of clothes, the journey to work, the festivities, the music that calmed fears or was a form of praise and an expression of religious beliefs.".

Gathering historical documents, traditional costumes, musical instruments, photographs, press clippings and sound recordings, there is a wide set of pieces that celebrate the musical tradition of S. Miguel D'Acha, wich throughout the twentieth and twenty-first century deserved attention and study by numerous investigators.


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