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André Viamonte




André Viamonte was born in Zurich in 1983. Son of immigrant parents, he grew up and lived in Singen, Germany. André ViaMonte found inspiration listening to different musical cultures. The cultural legacy of his childhood allowed him to access a library of different types of music: Portuguese Folklore, Fado, Opera, Bossa Nova Jazz, Bulgarian voices.

At the age of five, he had his first singing and acting classes in Zurich, where he discovered his love of music and singing. The voice as his main instrument led him to compose his first themes at age of 10. Only the age of 22 he recognized his talent in Music and the act of "singing" that before was only his own personal world.

He graduated in Music Therapy in Lisbon in 2013, and ended up using all his music skills (composition, singing). Using the therapeutic processes of his clients in which he was involved became a platform of inspiration for him as an artist and as a composer.


The Inspiration 

In 2016, he published his first album: Via. The constant access to a cultural diversity gave rise to a musical library of very different influences: "(...) In the house of my mother’s Swiss employers I listened to music from Beethoven to Mozart. In the street I heard Turkish and Israeli folk music. In the Portuguese community I heard Fado and Portuguese Pop music ". André ViaMonte


The Purpose

Due to his Master's degree in Music Therapy and the contact with social problems related to violence, abuse and other health fields (such as pediatric oncology, palliative care, geriatrics) he transformed his whole image as an Artist, composer and human being. Music now has a purpose: "To bring music to a path of union through a feeling based on empathy, generating feelings of belonging, respect and tolerance."

VIA the album is a musical result and integral part of a world in the "... era of Globalization. Where different musical genres and languages merge and speak a single universal musical language built on emotion. "



TimeDust. Balcony TV in NYC, NY recognized and selected "TimeDust" (Track 6), as one of the most interesting themes of 2015 conquering the World Top Chart for weeks.

Heartland, (Track 5), is integrated in the soundtrack of IMPOSTORA, TVI's telenovela, with themes by great artists such as: Sia, Rui Veloso, Áurea (among others).

To MyselfTown (Track 10) was awarded the second best theme written in Portugal by MMP'16 (Best Portuguese Music 2016).

The album: Via by André ViaMonte was considered by critics 1 of the 10 best albums of 2016

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