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FDL2017 Cartaz


6ºFDL 2017 | 24  Nov.- 9 de Dec. 

Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

"Creation has no address or destination. The creation of beasts, like us or with more or fewer legs, the creation of our children or of plants with leaves and small or giant fruit… Creation has no latitude or longitude, coordinates or recipes.

Something exists now in the universe that hasn’t existed until now… everything was here, but not that… It has no address because it exists in a fabric of all times and places. It has no destination because it has no will. It happens independently of colour, space, temperature or the stars… It happens on purpose or unintentionally but it happens more on some days than on others… It happens by day or by night. It depends.

Creation has no address but there are faster places and there are slower places…

It depends. In the slower places, with more space, air and ground, from the nothing in which everything already existed, something slow is born. In the faster places, seen as if from a train, from the nothing in which everything already existed, something fast is born. Or not. Or vice-versa.

What we know is that in some places time suspends time long enough to create… At times a lot is needed, at others not so much… Creating a little bit of new from the whole …

Creation can happen where we intend it to or out of place, where we least expect it… in a place where the creation of beasts or plants is as common as that of sounds, images or movements… in a place where the rivers can be pink and the trees baby blue, where the houses are made of clouds and the stones are hollow inside, where mountains are climbed downwards and descended upwards, where water flows upwards and downwards (depending) and the ground fluctuates, where people and beasts laugh together at night… in a boiling place where trees are born and birds fly at the speed of light…"

Filipe Faria

Director \ Festival Fora do Lugar \ Arte das Musas

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