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Out of Place 2018 - Kapela Maliszów

Kapela Maliszów


Out of Place - Early Music(s) International Festival 

Poland (Męcina Mała)

23.11.18 > 21:30
Antiga Sé, Idanha-a-Velha

Kacper Malisz, violin
Jan Malisz, basolia
Zuzanna Malisz, voice, baraban

Capacity 100 pax
Duration +-60’

 Free entry subject to room capacity. For safety reasons, the door will be shut as soon as the room is full to capacity. Doors open +-30’ before the concerts start.


Wiejski Dżez*
*Village Jazz

"At a time when city and village life come together so closely, it is easy to lose oneself in a world inundated with mass culture. As the old-time music makers pass away, the thread that connects us to the world of the past is becoming thinner and thinner. Mass culture and consumerism grow in strenght. What can we do to save ourselves from getting stewed up in this civilizational soup...? We need to stop for a while, evoke the memory of our fathers and grandfathers, listen to their music, look closely at how they lived, what were their joys and sorrows. We can learn all that by listening to the old songs and tunes, and by dancing the old dances. At the same time, we know that music is constantly changing and evolving, and that it is hard to say what exactly is or isn’t traditional. Wiejski Dżez [Village Jazz] asks this question, and trough it puts us at the crossroads of the old and the new world. On the one hand, there is Jan’s music, quite rooted in tradition, on the other, there are heaviuly improvised pieces by Kacper, and Zuzanna’s intense and wild play. Therefore, we leave it to you to say what “Village Jazz’ is, and whether this music that tells you about the old days while reaching out to the present, can also reach your hearts. Enjoy the experience. " Kapela Maliszów

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