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Fora do Lugar @Home: Pedro Castro

Pedro Castro


Fora do Lugar @ Home

Pedro Castro,
Baroque oboe/Renaissance and baroque recorders
Oboé barroco/Flautas renascentistas e barrocas

+ "Hino à Alegria/Ode to Joy/An die Freude"
Beethoven Homage

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"Good afternoon everyone!

my name is Pedro Castro. I'm a professional freelance musician in the area of Early Music and I'm at home, like all of us...

My colleague, Filipe Faria, musician and director of the Fora do Lugar Festival in Idanha-a-Nova wrote me: "These days are strange, we were not prepared for anything like this... Our professional career is in full swing... there were many hours, days, weeks, months and years dedicated to this art... there are many concerts in Portugal and there are many tours around the world: solo, in ensembles and in orchestras... Now we have our professional life canceled with no expectation of when it will get right... We all have children at home, We all have obligations and responsibilities. .. Without concerts we have no other source of income. So many professions go through the same... This is a challenge of solidarity... "

Filipe made me a challenge... making art from home, anticipating what may be the near future of our profession... The Festival Fora do Lugar - with which we have collaborated with my project Concerto Campestre in so wonderful times in the "most beautiful place in the world", Idanha - made me an commission... think of a form of homage for the anniversary of Beethoven's death, today... carte blanche to do it as we would like to... a payed commission!

Thanks to Filipe, Arte das Musas, the Festival Fora do Lugar and Idanha-a-Nova, UNESCO Creative Music City for the trust and support!

Hope you like it!
Stay healthy! :)
Pedro Castro"

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