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Soundscape #5

Paisagem Sonora 5


Soundscape #5

Biophonies, Geophonies and Anthropophonies of Penamacor
 Filipe Faria

" A soundscape is a sound or combination of sounds that arises from a immersive environment. Sounds created by biological organisms like insects, mammals, birds or amphibians - the biophonies -, sounds from the movement of air and water - the geophonies - and sounds by humans or their inventions - the antropophonies - make up the landscape of a place and time. A soundscape, like a photograph, can also be an immersive proposition, a combination of sounds from different places or times that creates the experience of a particular acoustic environment. The result of these landscapes may be linear or complex. "Soundscape #5 - Biophonies, Geophonies and Anthropophonies of Penamacor" is an aural reading of these places and times." Filipe Faria

26 July 2019 | Penamacor Municipality Museum


Valter Vinagre
Pedro Martins

Soundscape Instalation
Filipe Faria

Curator: Mariana Salgueiro | Centro Cultural Raiano
 Original Concept: Paulo Longo | Centro Cultural Raiano

+Photos: Arte das Musas


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