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Sob o Signo da Lua

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 "Sob o Signo da Lua" by Valter Vinagre.

"Every two years, in the heat of summer, thousands of people from different countries and cultures make their way to the borderland region between Portugal and Spain. They come together for the Boom Festival, where they sway with psychedelic sensuality to the sound of Trance music. Photographer Valter Vinagre has accompanied these magical encounters, portraying the place and its inhabitants, their constructions, desires and dreams. This book fixes the convulsion of those moments into a possible order, rediscovering gazes and bodies in another space and time. Texts by António Guerreiro and Joaquim Moreno decode the images and hermetic organization of the book, offering threads with which the reader can lose himself and find himself again in the labyrinths of the imagination.

Valter Vinagre (Avelãs de Caminho, 1954) began his career as a photographer in the late 1980s, going on to create works such as Cá na terra (1998), Animais de estimação (2010), Barra das Almas (2013), Posto de trabalho (2015) and A voz na cabeça (2016). Having first come to prominence as a documentary photographer, he later internalized a more reflexive approach, creating photographic discourses about the meanings associated with landscape, travel and the place of the city."

The edition "Sob o Signo da Lua", by Valter Vinagre, was supported by the Municipality of Idanha-a-Nova.


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