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A singularly brilliant reflection

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A singularly brilliant reflection

The lands of Idanha fluctuate between space and time from 22 November until 7 December. During those days, concepts are rewritten and places and stories are rediscovered in the ‘most beautiful place in the world.’
Each new gaze discovers an unexpected rural world, where culture flourishes with each day that passes. Music sets the tone in an event that reaches further and becomes a unique experience of the place. It is a taste of the land, a land that reveals itself, reinvents itself and persists in treading a path made of legacies, but with its face turned to the future. This is surely the reason why, in the complicity of a shared identity, Idanha-a-Nova and the Fora do Lugar festival fit so well together.
Sharing is one of Idanha’s guiding principles, even more so as UNESCO Creative City of Music, where creativity, innovation, sustainability and social participation take on a global dimension. Our goals and concerns are not just ours, but belong to everyone. And, in this regard, Fora do Lugar is a singularly brilliant reflection, a kind of guiding ray of light that takes Idanha into the world, encouraging a close look at the crucial role to be played nowadays by the rural environment.
And today, as yesterday, the challenge is set. The region invites everyone to its (re)discovery through the special lens of Fora do Lugar, which, after all, also belongs to Idanha. The pleasure of your arrival is mutual. Welcome!


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