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Idanha-a-Nova and Music

Since 2001, in its strategy of cultural policy, the municipality of Idanha-a-Nova considers the recording of Early Music as a structural element in their scope of annual and multiannual programming.

There are many traditional music groups distributed throughout the parishes of Idanha-a-Nova. The ones most connected to the instrument Adufe are:

  • Tapori - Drum group of the villa Sta. Margarida
  • Singing group of the village of Sta. Margarida
  • Ajidanha – Youth Association of Idanha-a-Nova
  • Carpetuna e Adufotuna – school choir of the Graduate School of Management of Idanha-a-Nova
  • Adufeiras of Idanha-a-Nova | Folkloric Dancers de Idanha-a-Nova
  • Ciranda – Traditional singing group of Idanha-a-Nova
  • Raia dos Sonhos - A Drum group from Ladoeiro
  • Folkloric Dancers from Ladoeiro
  • Traditional singing group of Medelim
  • Adufeiras from Monsanto
  • Folkloric Dancers from Monsanto
  • Adufes and singers of Oledo
  • Folkloric Dancers of Penha Garcia
  • School choir of Zebreira
  • Saca Sons – Ringtones and Traditional Singing group from Zebreira
  • Cultural singing group section of Segura
  • Cultural Section of Adufeiras das Soalheiras (Rosmaninhal)
  • Fashions and Adufes de Proença-a-Velha
  • Traditional singing group of S. Miguel d'Acha
  • Singing Group of Toulões Modas de d'Antes

“Adufeiras do Monsanto” is a group which aims to preserve and promote the rich traditional heritage of Monsanto, the historic village of Idanha-a-Nova, through its costumes, songs and the playing of the typical Adufe.

Existing essentially to brighten festivities in the zone of ​​influence of Idanha-a-Nova, the Idanhense Philharmonic is the only community of its kind with a body of performers that nowadays has more than 50 members, aged between 8 and 74 years old.

The professional association of the Iberian Baroque Orchestra Concert (CIOB) emerges from the cultural dynamics of success developed by MAAC (cultural nonprofit association) in Beira Interior. The Iberian Concert consists of some of the best musicians specializing in Early Music of Portugal and Spain, selected in a public examination.

There have been realized international courses of Early Music (cursos internacionais de música antiga CIMA) that offer excellent master classes and lectures in various historical sites of Idanha-a-Nova and Castelo Branco.

The City of Idanha-a-Nova bets strongly in the festivities of the Holy Week, launching an agenda dedicated to the celebrations of Easter and a course dedicated to the Popular Religiosity called  Mysteries of Easter “Mistérios da Páscoa”.

The purpose of the event “Fora do Lugar” is to promote the culture and heritage of the municipality of Idanha-a-Nova. The annual festival whose first edition was in 2012 has free entrance and takes place in unusual venues such as chapels, churches, mills, historical family houses, abandoned agricultural factories, nineteenth-century palaces and other cultural spaces.

The Boom Festival is one of the most important festivals of electronic music in the world that hosted in 2014, 33,000 people from more than 150 countries in an area of ​​140 hectares. The festival hosts artists from various backgrounds for ten days, with musical performances 24 hours a day. It combines different forms of arts such as music, painting, graffiti, multimedia, installations, land art, theater, cinema, performances, live painting and video art, with over 800 artists simultaneously in each premises.

Thumbnails 304X192 1 Territorio
Idanha-a-Nova is located in the center of Portugal surrounded by the municipalities of Penamacor, Castelo Branco, Fundão and the Spanish region. It is located 286 km from Lisbon. It is home to one [...]
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The Executive of the municipality of Idanha-a-Nova has made a strong commitment, since the realization of the Local Agenda 21, completed in 2008, to promote the social, economic and environmental de [...]
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Throughout the municipality there are numerous traces of prehistoric occupation, as the menhirs and dolmens. The Romans had an important influence, particularly in the parishes of Monsanto, Idanha-a [...]
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The City Council has made a strong commitment in the area of ​​creative industries, supporting the start-up of several companies and innovative projects in the municipality and supporting local comm [...]
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The Adufe is the true symbol of local identity, being a good example of the preservation of traditions that characterizes the municipality of Idanha-a-Nova. Although, in the past, it could be found [...]
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