Idanha-a-Nova City Of Music of 
 Creative Cities Network of UNESCO
Since 2015
Fabrica _1_copia
21h30 | 5th of November | Centro Cultural Raiano[...]
Noa Noa - Fora Do Lugar
Noa Noa | Hamamatsu World Music Festival[...]
5º FDL 2016 Dave Boyd E Isaac Muller
5ªFDL 2016 Dave Boyd  e Isaac Muller | 9 Dec. 2016, 21h30 | Centro Cultural Raiano[...]
 Dia Internacional Da Musica
On the late 1st October, Idanha-a-Nova, UNESCO Creative City of Music, celebrated the International Music Day,  with a wide range of initiatives that promote art and musical diversity.[...]
 Viola Beiroa
The 1st October,  the International Day of Music, began under the guidance of master Alísio Saraiva and with the support of the Municipality and the Idanhense Philharmonic, with the Viola Beiroa Cou [...]
 Concerto A Musica Popular Tradicional Em Sao Miguel De Acha
On the 1st of October, the International Day of Music, Centro Cultural Raiano Centro Cultural Raiano received the concert "Traditional Music at S. Miguel D’ Acha, by the Coral Stella Vitae Group (Li [...]
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Destaque Vinde às Terras da Idanha

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