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Since 2015
Scaramuccia FDL2017
Out of Place 2017 | Paralells | Closeby concert: Scaramuccia[...]
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Paralells | 1 DEZ. 14H30-16H30 | CENTRO CULTURAL RAIANO,  IDANHA-A-NOVA[...]
Arezoo +WEB+2+copy
Paralells | 1 DEZ. 16H30-18H00 | CENTRO CULTURAL RAIANO, IDANHA-A-NOVA[...]
Foto _Eduardo Salavisa _Machu Pichu +copy
Out of Place  | Paralells | Sketching, Nature[...]
Tiago +Matias +(©+Rita +Santos +2014)+copy
Out of Place | Paralells | Education  [...]
Foto - Fora Do Lugar -Abertura 2
Out of place has already started and in the best way[...]
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Destaque Vinde às Terras da Idanha

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