Idanha-a-Nova City Of Music of 
 Creative Cities Network of UNESCO
Since 2015
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Member Cities of Music[...]
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The award is a title which will certainly drive cultural tourism. People already visit Idanha because of its musical events and international festivals, such as BOOM, this award would serve to offic [...]
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The committee is made up of an advisory panel and a working group. In order to support the application of Idanha-a-Nova to UNESCO as a creative city of music, a Candidature Working Group was create [...]
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The Adufe is the true symbol of local identity, being a good example of the preservation of traditions that characterizes the municipality of Idanha-a-Nova. Although, in the past, it could be found [...]
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The council plays a key role in the organization, development and promotion of cultural activities. These have a great diversity and unfold in different historical sites in the municipality - Monsan [...]
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Since 2001, in its strategy of cultural policy, the municipality of Idanha-a-Nova considers the recording of Early Music as a structural element in their scope of annual and multiannual programming.[...]
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Destaque Vinde às Terras da Idanha

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